New in for Christmas 2017 and the New Year: Lilley’s of Somerset cider, Gordon’s Sloe Gin… and Fordington Gin:


20171124_140735Lilley’s of Somerset ‘Bee Sting’, Gladiator and Crazy Goat. Priced at £2.50 each.

We’ve made your choice of ales as easy as our wines – mix’n’match any 2 ales and you only pay £4.00 – great if your mate likes her Sheppy’s and you’re a Kingfisher man…

FruitNVegAlesCider We’re A fully-fledged off-licence, selling Bells, Smirnoff, Gordon’s gin, Cockburn’s Port, a growing range of spirits (including budget bottles) and exotic liqueurs. Why not come and look, next time you’re passing?